Hope is Building


Earlier this year, I worked with Saint Michael’s Foundation to capture the stories of four breast cancer survivors to support the efforts to build a new Breast Care Center at Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital. "You should be surrounded by everyone and everything you need to move quickly from fear to hope. The hope that you can get your life back. " 

"Everyone knows someone whose had breast cancer. And it doesn’t just touch the women who’s diagnosed. It’s their family, their co-workers…"

It was honor to meet and photograph these brave and amazing women and their families. Chris and Matt Vanderlinden at Detonator are the ones who brought me on this journey. They created a video that is inspiring action. I enjoyed working with them, and was thrilled my pictures could play a role in supporting their storytelling.

To learn more about this great cause, you can check out their website: www.hopeisbuilding.com