Promotional Image for Nickel & Rose

“American Music duo Carl Nichols (guitar) and Johanna Rose (upright bass) playing Folk, Blues, Jazz and Country with world music influence.” Photographed in my studio in Milwaukee, WI.

American Klassiks

Late last year, I photographed Klassik for a live show and album he was working on. We wanted a wide open, outdoor space, which Washington Park on Milwaukee’s west side provided. I shot a few rolls of film that are on hold until the the album is released, but I thought I’d share a few of the digital files I have here in the meantime. I loved working with Klassik, alongside David Ravel who help produced the shoot. I appreciated how patient, creative, and trusting both were. The live show was one of the highlights of the year, and I am Iooking forward to the album, and more form Klassik (

Portraits of Johanna Rose for GuthrieUNCOVERED

Promotional images for GuthrieUNCOVERED - A unique interpretation of The Music of Woody Guthrie

Curated by Johanna Rose
Produced by David Ravel
Makeup/Hair by Neda Stevic
Poster Design by Jason Gierl Pabst / Riverside / Turner Hall

Tearsheet: Frank Almond

I met the violinist, Frank Almond, at the Youth Symphony Orchestra building just a little northwest of Milwaukee’s downtown. I was directed to a practice room where we could do the shoot. I brought along small strobes, but I hoped I would be able to keep them in my bag and shoot with natural light alone. As soon as I entered the room I noticed the strong window light coming in and the patterns it created on the walls and floor. Soon Frank arrived, and we got to work right away. I basically just shuffled him around trying to fit him in the precise pocket of shadow and light I was looking for. At first, I think he was skeptical, but I just talked his ear off while I moved him around and I could soon tell he was seeing something in my weird way of taking his portrait. We ended the shoot out in the parking lot, but none of those shots came close to these. I was so excited that I posted an instagram grid that day. Below is the finished piece in Milwaukee Magazine.

OUTTAKES: Modern Dancer's Daniel Burkholder & Andrea Chastant Burkholder

I recently photographed modern dancers Daniel Burkholder and Andrea Chastant Burkholder for Milwaukee Magazine. It focuses on their monthly performance "Real Time" at the Holton Bridge Swing Park. I photographed them in their practice space at Danceworks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I always enjoy photographing dancers because of the way they carry themselves. The hardest thing about most subjects is getting them to loosen up and act natural. Probably as a result of their training, dancers are very comfortable with their bodies and seem to know instinctively how to position themselves, so that hurdle of discomfort doesn’t exist.

Promo for Alverno Presents "Christopher Porterfield: How to Write a Popular Song."

Alverno College Pitman Theatre 1/30/16

"Here, My Dear"


These are from another shoot I did for Alverno Presents' upcoming season. This one features Tarik Moody (@RadioMilwaukee), a DJ at 88Nine Radio Milwaukee. He is curating a show that celebrates Marvin Gaye's record "Here, My Dear" that will feature other musicians--one of whom, Aleta,  joined us at Acme Records in Bayview for the shoot. I loved shooting there. Ken, the owner of the record store, paneled all the walls with reclaimed wood he has salvaged over the years.

Special thanks to Acme Records/Shopkeeper Ken for letting us his awesome shop.

Nick Sanborn for Alverno Presents and Duke Performances

I recently photographed Nick Sanborn (Made of Oak, Megafaun) for the upcoming season of Alverno Presents. Nick will be narrating a performance that features many of the artists he's worked with over the years in North Carolina, Wisconsin, and perhaps beyond, describing their meetings, connections, and the community they have made.  The show will be preformed at both Alverno and Duke University in the fall. More info will be up soon on the Alverno Presents website: Special thanks to Erik Ljung for assisting me and TOC vintage for lending me their space (and the secret piano graveyard) for the shoot!


\\ Tearsheet // Beautiful Dreamer: The Foster Project


Shot for Alverno Presents Season 53. Printed in this month's issue of Milwaukee Magazine. Many thanks to my Dylan for all of his assisting help! More info here:


Lollapalooza 2012 { Grant Park, Chicago }


Last month, I was super excited to have an assignment covering Lollapalooza 2012 in Chicago's Grant Park. Although I have covered many live shows, this was my first big festival. Loved working this kind of job, because it combined the technical and creative challenges of documenting action (live music and the festival atmosphere) and what I love best, portraits. Not only did I really enjoy the assignment, I learned a lot and can't wait for the next one! Below are some of my favorite images. I worked with Brian Battle, a Chicago based writer, who did an awesome job covering the festival in words. To see/read more of the coverage, including a lot of my photographs, it's online HERE.

Bands pictured above: Die Antwoord, The Shins, Metric, Dr. Dog, Washed Out, AVICII, The Black Keys, Sigur Ros, Florence + The Machine, Chairlift, Justice

Choreographer/Dancers Eiko + Koma

Dylan and I watched Eiko + Koma rehearse Event Fission with Ravenat Lynden Sculpture Garden last Friday.It was a very casual rehearsal, lots of stops and starts and still a little planning going on for the new location of their piece. I was sad to be missing the actual performance... BUT STILL. I felt lucky and happy I was able to at least observe some of it and watch how they worked. I hope hope hope that when they come back I will have a chance to see them again.

More info on Eiko & Koma and these dance pieces HERE