Portraits of Johanna Rose for GuthrieUNCOVERED

Promotional images for GuthrieUNCOVERED - A unique interpretation of The Music of Woody Guthrie

Curated by Johanna Rose
Produced by David Ravel
Makeup/Hair by Neda Stevic
Poster Design by Jason Gierl Pabst / Riverside / Turner Hall

\\ Tearsheets // Hannah Rosenthal - Leader of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation

Hannah Rosenthal, president and CEO of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation, in her office for the December 2017 Issue of Milwaukee Magazine. Read the story here.

Tearsheet: Frank Almond

I met the violinist, Frank Almond, at the Youth Symphony Orchestra building just a little northwest of Milwaukee’s downtown. I was directed to a practice room where we could do the shoot. I brought along small strobes, but I hoped I would be able to keep them in my bag and shoot with natural light alone. As soon as I entered the room I noticed the strong window light coming in and the patterns it created on the walls and floor. Soon Frank arrived, and we got to work right away. I basically just shuffled him around trying to fit him in the precise pocket of shadow and light I was looking for. At first, I think he was skeptical, but I just talked his ear off while I moved him around and I could soon tell he was seeing something in my weird way of taking his portrait. We ended the shoot out in the parking lot, but none of those shots came close to these. I was so excited that I posted an instagram grid that day. Below is the finished piece in Milwaukee Magazine.

\\ Tearsheet // Beautiful Dreamer: The Foster Project


Shot for Alverno Presents Season 53. Printed in this month's issue of Milwaukee Magazine. Many thanks to my Dylan for all of his assisting help! More info here: http://alvernopresents.alverno.edu/pages/shows/Beautiful-Dreamer.aspx


\\ Tearsheet // Athletic Director Larry Williams for Marquette Magazine


Larry's size might make him look intimidating (he is a former NFL offensive lineman) but he was truly one of the nicest people I've had the chance photograph in this type of setting. The full article on him becoming the new Marquette University Athletic Director and Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics HERE.

New Poster for Alverno Presents: Ex Fabula Terminal Milwaukee Series


Design by Dwellephant

I have been working with Ex-Fabula for a year on their storytelling series "Terminal Milwaukee" The final installment is a part of the amazing Alverno Presents 52nd season. The artist, Dwellephant, (who is so incredibly talented) designed the poster, using one of my photographs of Tom Crawford, the series main storyteller.

This year has gone by so quick! I have been looking forward to the performance all year and I can't believe it's finally here.

"Alverno Presents couldn’t be prouder to host the culminating performance, and we’re going epic. Bagpipers, accordion players, punk rockers, and gospel singers will celebrate the Crawford Saga. In our 51-year history, we’ve never done anything like this, and we’re reasonably certain that Milwaukee has have never seen anything like it.

Next Saturday!

Jon Mueller: “I almost expect to be remembered as a chair”

A few months ago, I collaborated with Jon Mueller on the cover art for his new record "The Whole." The record isn't out yet BUT you can see him perform the piece “I almost expect to be remembered as a chair.” this summer. I highly recommend it, he is an amazing artist and it seeing him live is very memorable. Above is a flier for the piece, not the cover of the album. Now I understand why he ask me to take photos of this old chair he brought with him to the shoot.

"Throughout summer and into fall, I’ll be performing one piece exclusively: “I almost expect to be remembered as a chair.” his piece will mainly be used in live performance to support the forthcoming release on Type Records, The Whole. -Jon Mueller

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