Promo for Alverno Presents "Christopher Porterfield: How to Write a Popular Song."

Alverno College Pitman Theatre 1/30/16

Nick Sanborn for Alverno Presents and Duke Performances

I recently photographed Nick Sanborn (Made of Oak, Megafaun) for the upcoming season of Alverno Presents. Nick will be narrating a performance that features many of the artists he's worked with over the years in North Carolina, Wisconsin, and perhaps beyond, describing their meetings, connections, and the community they have made.  The show will be preformed at both Alverno and Duke University in the fall. More info will be up soon on the Alverno Presents website: Special thanks to Erik Ljung for assisting me and TOC vintage for lending me their space (and the secret piano graveyard) for the shoot!


\\ Tearsheet // Beautiful Dreamer: The Foster Project


Shot for Alverno Presents Season 53. Printed in this month's issue of Milwaukee Magazine. Many thanks to my Dylan for all of his assisting help! More info here:


New Poster for Alverno Presents: Ex Fabula Terminal Milwaukee Series


Design by Dwellephant

I have been working with Ex-Fabula for a year on their storytelling series "Terminal Milwaukee" The final installment is a part of the amazing Alverno Presents 52nd season. The artist, Dwellephant, (who is so incredibly talented) designed the poster, using one of my photographs of Tom Crawford, the series main storyteller.

This year has gone by so quick! I have been looking forward to the performance all year and I can't believe it's finally here.

"Alverno Presents couldn’t be prouder to host the culminating performance, and we’re going epic. Bagpipers, accordion players, punk rockers, and gospel singers will celebrate the Crawford Saga. In our 51-year history, we’ve never done anything like this, and we’re reasonably certain that Milwaukee has have never seen anything like it.

Next Saturday!

Choreographer/Dancers Eiko + Koma

Dylan and I watched Eiko + Koma rehearse Event Fission with Ravenat Lynden Sculpture Garden last Friday.It was a very casual rehearsal, lots of stops and starts and still a little planning going on for the new location of their piece. I was sad to be missing the actual performance... BUT STILL. I felt lucky and happy I was able to at least observe some of it and watch how they worked. I hope hope hope that when they come back I will have a chance to see them again.

More info on Eiko & Koma and these dance pieces HERE