Tom & Jim - Milwaukee

I caught a little moment between Tom and Jim a few months ago. I was taking Tom's portrait for the Ex-Fabula Terminal Milwaukee Series when Jim popped in for a second. Luckily at the time I was shooting with my medium format, which seems fitting for both of them.The next installment of the Storytelling Series is this Friday at Satin Wave Beauty Salon and Babershop. I have been looking forward to this one for awhile.

Brent & Tom

I posted images from my shoots with Tom & Brent earlier this month. I've known them both almost as long as I've lived in Milwaukee and always admired the work they do (have done) for Milwaukee's art & music communities. I really loved finally having the chance to take their portraits. When I received the Magazine in the mail, I was surprised and pleased that they were placed side by side! That was not planned when I was given the assignments. FYI: Tom climbed on the red crate himself with no direction from me. I was excited when he did and I snapped photos as fast as I could.

Choreographer/Dancers Eiko + Koma

Dylan and I watched Eiko + Koma rehearse Event Fission with Ravenat Lynden Sculpture Garden last Friday.It was a very casual rehearsal, lots of stops and starts and still a little planning going on for the new location of their piece. I was sad to be missing the actual performance... BUT STILL. I felt lucky and happy I was able to at least observe some of it and watch how they worked. I hope hope hope that when they come back I will have a chance to see them again.

More info on Eiko & Koma and these dance pieces HERE