Wonderful Machine + Online Portfolio Edit

I have felt for a while now that it was time for me to take my work to the next level, but for the past few years my main focus shifted to starting a family. And while my family remains my main focus, my husband and I are finally getting out of the trenches of new parenthood and I am able to give more of my time to expanding on the possibilities of my career. This past summer, when talking about changes I wanted to make with two friends and colleagues of mine, they both—within a week of each other—mentioned the production company Wonderful Machine. I am so glad Andrea and David told me about them, because now I am one of their roster of shooters and getting their expert advice in so many areas. One of the first tasks was updating my website. Editing and choosing a portfolio can be one of the hardest things to do and it felt great to get the support from a super skilled and experienced photo editor, Stacy Swiderski, at Wonderful Machine. I threw hundreds of images at her and we combed through them all and reorganized the website overall. I was sad to see some things go, but it was time to cull, and I am very pleased with how it all turned out! Click on my new categories to the left to see the results.


Tearsheet: Frank Almond

I met the violinist, Frank Almond, at the Youth Symphony Orchestra building just a little northwest of Milwaukee’s downtown. I was directed to a practice room where we could do the shoot. I brought along small strobes, but I hoped I would be able to keep them in my bag and shoot with natural light alone. As soon as I entered the room I noticed the strong window light coming in and the patterns it created on the walls and floor. Soon Frank arrived, and we got to work right away. I basically just shuffled him around trying to fit him in the precise pocket of shadow and light I was looking for. At first, I think he was skeptical, but I just talked his ear off while I moved him around and I could soon tell he was seeing something in my weird way of taking his portrait. We ended the shoot out in the parking lot, but none of those shots came close to these. I was so excited that I posted an instagram grid that day. Below is the finished piece in Milwaukee Magazine.

OUTTAKES: Modern Dancer's Daniel Burkholder & Andrea Chastant Burkholder

I recently photographed modern dancers Daniel Burkholder and Andrea Chastant Burkholder for Milwaukee Magazine. It focuses on their monthly performance "Real Time" at the Holton Bridge Swing Park. I photographed them in their practice space at Danceworks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I always enjoy photographing dancers because of the way they carry themselves. The hardest thing about most subjects is getting them to loosen up and act natural. Probably as a result of their training, dancers are very comfortable with their bodies and seem to know instinctively how to position themselves, so that hurdle of discomfort doesn’t exist.

Tsukiji Fish Market

3 years ago this week, Dylan and I traveled to Japan for our 1st wedding anniversary. One of our first stops was at Tsukiji Fish Market. We were not ambitious enough to get there at 4am for the tuna auction, but when we did start, our friends the Komatsubara’s took us to their favorite stall for a sushi breakfast. It was such a busy time in our lives (I had my first baby that following February and we had just moved into our first home a month prior) that I just recently had time to go through the photos again. It's an amazing place to explore!