Behind the Scenes at the Ballet

Editorial assignment for BizTimes Milwaukee

Janan Najeeb of the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition

Photographs from an assignment covering Milwaukee Muslim Women's Coalition for Milwaukee Magazine. 

Portrait of Kate Mau of Wild Haven Fiber Company

OUTTAKES: Modern Dancer's Daniel Burkholder & Andrea Chastant Burkholder

I recently photographed modern dancers Daniel Burkholder and Andrea Chastant Burkholder for Milwaukee Magazine. It focuses on their monthly performance "Real Time" at the Holton Bridge Swing Park. I photographed them in their practice space at Danceworks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I always enjoy photographing dancers because of the way they carry themselves. The hardest thing about most subjects is getting them to loosen up and act natural. Probably as a result of their training, dancers are very comfortable with their bodies and seem to know instinctively how to position themselves, so that hurdle of discomfort doesn’t exist.

 Read Paul Kosidowski's feature in Milwaukee Magazine, October 2015